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Breathable Sacroiliac Joint Belt for Sciatic and Lower Back Pain Relief

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The Sacroiliac Belt described is designed to alleviate SI joint pain and reduce inflammation. It helps stabilize the sacroiliac joint, which can be hypermobile or inflamed, and provides relief for pelvic, lower back, and leg nerve pain associated with SI joint dysfunction. The belt is suitable for both men and women, with a non-restricting design that fits hip circumference sizes ranging from 30 to 47 inches (76-119cm).

Made with lightweight and durable materials, the belt features perforated neoprene on the inner belt, which is breathable and resistant to pilling. This allows for comfortable wear day and night. The slimline design is discreet and can be easily concealed beneath clothing. It's important to avoid over-tightening the belt and wear it on the lower back hip area for optimal comfort and unobtrusiveness during daily activities.

The Sacroiliac Belt is equipped with an anti-slip silicone strip on the inner belt to prevent it from sliding up and down. This ensures that the belt stays in place, providing continuous pain relief even during light physical activity. However, vigorous exercise is discouraged during the recovery period.

The belt offers dual adjustment for maximum comfort and a customizable level of compression. It features a wraparound "dual belt" design that provides controllable compression, and secondary straps allow for additional compression adjustment over specific sore or inflamed areas. The breathable fabrics used in the belt allow air and moisture to pass through, enhancing comfort during use.

The Sacroiliac Belt is versatile and suitable for various situations. It can be worn during office work, providing stability and pain relief throughout the day. For mothers, it helps stabilize the hip joints and alleviates discomfort in the lower back. Wearing it during the night can aid in pain reduction, inflammation reduction, and healing. The belt can also be used during mild exercises at the gym to manage lower back or pelvic pain caused by SI joint dysfunction. Additionally, it provides support for the pelvic structure during pregnancy, easing pain and discomfort. The anti-slip feature ensures the belt stays in place, making it suitable for use during work activities.

The belt is available in one size, fitting hip circumferences ranging from 30 to 47 inches. It has a unisex design and can be worn under or over clothing. The width of the belt is 4.7 inches.

In summary, the Sacroiliac Belt by RENPHO is designed to provide stability, pain relief, and inflammation reduction for individuals experiencing SI joint dysfunction. Its adjustable and breathable design allows for a personalized and comfortable fit, and it can be worn in various situations, including office work, motherhood, nighttime, gym exercises, and during pregnancy.

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