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Camping Tripod Board: Stainless Steel Campfire Support Plate with Adjustable Chain

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The XERGUR Camping Tripod board offers several features that make it a convenient and durable accessory for outdoor camping and cooking. Here's a summary of its key points:

1. High-Quality and Durable: The campfire tripod plate is constructed from high-hardness stainless steel, ensuring its quality, high-temperature resistance, and durability. This makes it suitable for use with hanging pot stoves during outdoor camping activities.

2. Simple and Strong Structure: The camping tripod board can be easily combined with branches, transforming them into sturdy tripods. The hanging chain included with the tripod board can be adjusted to achieve a suitable grill height, making cooking more convenient. This feature enhances your camping, picnic, and barbecue experiences with family and friends.

3. Convenient to Carry: The detachable camp tripod plate is designed for easy portability and storage. It can be stored in a camping backpack, eliminating the need to carry a separate tripod. This enhances the fun and convenience of camping, picnics, and campfires.

4. Size: The round hole diameter of the Camping Tripod board is 2 cm/0.78 inches, allowing compatibility with trunks or branches that have a diameter of less than 2 cm/0.78 inches. The included adjustable chain has a length of 46.5 inches/118 cm, providing flexibility in setting the desired grill height.

5. 24 Months Warranty: The product comes with a 24-month warranty and a 100% money-back guarantee, ensuring a risk-free purchase. If you have any questions or concerns, the company provides customer support for assistance.

In summary, the XERGUR Camping Tripod board offers a high-quality, durable, and portable solution for outdoor cooking. Its simple yet strong structure, along with its convenient size and warranty, make it an ideal choice for camping, picnics, and campfires.

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