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Cat Toys Robotic Interactive Indoor Electronic Toys with LED Light 360 Degree Rotation Sensor Mode

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  • 【Smart operation】This cat toy has a built-in sensor. It can automatically forward, backward, 360 degree rotation and other flexible irregular control directions, so that your cat can keep exercise and entertaining.
  • 【Long play time】The charging time of the robotic interactive kitten toy is about 4 hours, and the play time is about 8 hours. In standby mode, it can stand by for 110 hours. Your cat can play all day.
  • 【Cat’s Good Companion】 Release the cat’s chasing nature. It can imitate small animals and roll around. This feather cat toy is an irresistible temptation for cats! Swinging this feathered "bait" will excite your cats and bring out the "hunting instinct", making them leap like wild animals, bringing them a lot of fun!
  • 【Ideal Gift for Cats】A good choice for cats by cat owners. We think you will like our kitty toy. There are colored LED lights on both sides of the automatic smart cat stick, which will light up during operation to attract the cat's interest. Keep your cat happy! Suitable for kittens and cats of all ages and sizes! Toys to spend a good time with your feline friends.
  • 【Value Set】The package includes a smart cat toy(4.7*2.75 inch), two replacement feathers (random colors 6.3 inch), a USB charging cable and a manual.

Product Description

Smart Robotic Interactive Pet Toys.

The smart cat toy can go forward, backward and rotate 360 degrees, which is a interesting toys perfect for your indoor cat. Irregular rolling can keep the cat chasing the toy and it can stimulate the cat's hunting instinct at all times. A time limit is also set and when it works to reaches a certain time, it will become standby state, and the cat only needs to touch the sensor to continue working. It can interact appropriately with your cat and alleviating its boredom and loneliness when you are away from home, better care for pets.

How to play with our cat toy?---Two Modes

Free exercise mode

Press the switch button to enter the working state, the cat toy can go forward, backward and rotate 360 degrees. The product will enter the standby state every 2.5 minutes of work, and it needs to touch the sensor head to re-enter the working state.

Induction mode

Long press the switch button for 3 seconds, the LED lights on both sides flash off and enter the standby state. This means that when entering the sensing mode, every 3 minutes of work, it will stop working and enter the standby state. The cat toy need to touch the sensor to work again.

Package including:

  • 1 x Interactive Cat Toy
  • 2 x Feather tease toy
  • 1 x Feather stick
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x Cat toy manual

Non-slip design

With anti-skid function, the silicone resin on the tire surface has strong friction and can run on smooth ground. The LED color changeable lamp replaces the laser, which can protect the cat's eyes.

Upgrade battery capacity

Using a powerful motor, charging for about 4 hours, can be used for about 10 hours. In standby mode, it can be placed for about 110 hours. Let your cat full enjoy our funny toy.

Cat feather replacement

You can change the feathers at will, and there is a small bell that can make a sound on the feathers to better attract your cat. It can stimulate cat's interest in toys.

The ideal gift for cats.

Obesity is a hidden danger of the cat. Let your cat exercise and stay healthy from now on. we do believe your cat will love our kitten toy.

Healthy Choice

All cat will love it!

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