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Clip-On Fan - Portable Rechargeable Battery Operated Fan, Quieter & Stronger Wind

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The Minthouz clip-on fan offers a versatile and convenient cooling solution with its adjustable tilt and 2-in-1 design. Here are the key features and details of this fan:

1. Adjustable Tilt & 2-in-1 Clip Fan: The fan head supports 360° horizontal and 360° vertical rotation, allowing you to direct the airflow in any desired direction. It combines both desk and clip designs, making it suitable for various places such as office desks, baby strollers, car backseats, bicycles, camping tents, and more.

2. High Compatibility USB Power: The fan is equipped with a built-in 4000mAh rechargeable battery that can be charged or powered in any country using the USB interface. You can connect it to computers, power banks, USB chargers, or USB power strips.

3. Longer Battery Life: The small desk fan takes approximately six hours to fully charge. Once fully charged, it can operate for different durations depending on the speed settings. It can work up to 27 hours on the minimum wind speed (1200rpm), 13 hours on natural wind speed (1500rpm), 6.5 hours on normal wind speed (1900rpm), and 4 hours on maximum wind speed (2200rpm).

4. Quieter & Cooler Wind: The fan features 5 bionic fan blades and a brushless motor, providing a strong breeze while operating at a low noise level of up to 40 decibels. The detachable fan hood design makes it easy to clean and maintain.

5. Considerate Design: The fan base and clamp position are equipped with anti-skid rubber mats, ensuring stability whether placed on a flat surface or clamped onto an object. The power button on the fan body allows you to control the on/off and speed levels. The curvilinear form and narrow gap design provide safety for children by protecting their fingers from injury. The fan blades can be easily cleaned by opening the frame anticlockwise.

Product Details:

- Material: ABS&PP
- Battery Voltage: 4.2V (MAX)
- Battery Capacity: 4000mAh
- Input Voltage/Current: DC5V/1000mA
- Output Power: 4.2W (MAX)
- Motor Speed: 2200rpm (MAX)
- Working Current: 1000mA (MAX)
- Power Usage: 4.2W (MAX)
- Product Size: 200*151*277mm/7.9*5.9*10.9 inches
- Product Weight: 605g/1.3 lbs

Comparison with Other Models:

- The fan is categorized as MT-L007F in the product description.
- It offers 4 adjustable speeds controlled by the gear button.
- The battery capacity is 4000mAh, providing a working time of 4-27 hours depending on the speed setting.
- The fan is rechargeable and USB powered.
- It takes about 6 hours to fully charge.
- The operating noise ranges from 20-40 dB.
- The fan has a 360° horizontal and vertical rotation capability.

Available Colors: The fan is available in White & Black.

The Minthouz clip-on fan is a versatile and portable cooling solution suitable for various environments. Its adjustable features, long battery life, and quiet operation make it a convenient choice for staying cool and comfortable.

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