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Dog Bells Doorbells for Potty Training and Going Outside - Loud and Easy to Hear

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Introducing the 7 Count Dog Bells and Belt, a custom-made and thoroughly tested solution designed to make communication with your dog easier and more enjoyable. Say goodbye to barking and scratching and embrace a fun and win-win way for your dog to interact with you.

The bells are crafted from polished iron, providing a louder and sweeter sound compared to other bells on the market. With a nice jingle jingle jingle, you can hear the delightful sound within a range of 82 feet, ensuring that you'll always be alerted when your dog wants your attention.

The belt/strap is constructed from heavy-duty nylon material, offering exceptional durability and longevity. Unlike cheap alternatives, this belt is reliable and strong, capable of withstanding even the most enthusiastic tugs and bites from your dog. Rest assured that it won't break, even during vigorous play.

This dog doorbell provides an easier way for your dog to communicate with you, especially when it comes to potty training. By teaching your dog to ring the bell, you can eliminate housebreaking accidents and scratching on doors. Instead, your dog will learn to signal you when they need to go outside or use the bathroom, creating a more harmonious living environment for both of you.

In addition to potty training assistance, the dog bell also acts as an alarm assist. You no longer have to worry about your dog sneaking out unnoticed. The pleasant jingle bell sound will alert you whenever your dog wants to go outside, preventing any unexpected escapes.

Features of the 7 Count Dog Bells and Belt:
- Custom-made and thoroughly tested for ruggedness
- Polished iron bells with a loud and sweet sound
- Bells can be heard within a range of 82 feet
- Heavy-duty nylon belt/strap for exceptional durability
- Reliable and durable, even during vigorous play
- A fun and win-win way for your dog to communicate with you
- Helps with potty training and eliminates scratching and barking
- Sleek silver coating for a stylish look
- 7 large, premium-quality bells for a pleasant and easy-to-hear sound
- Super strong thicker nylon ribbon to withstand tough tugs, scratches, and bites
- Adjustable belt length with 3 snaps/buttons for easy customization
- Suitable for hanging on any door at the height you choose

Teaching your dog to ring a bell is a great and fun way to house train them. It is especially effective for dogs who prefer going outside to potty or have accidents near the door. By using the dog bell, you can prevent your dog from resorting to uncivilized behavior like scratching or barking to get your attention.

When it's time to potty train your puppy, you can go beyond simply teaching them to go outside. You can train them to ring the bell whenever they need to go out. This bell will serve as an alert for you, indicating that your puppy requires a potty break. Moreover, it discourages scratching or barking as a means of communication.

Say goodbye to messy accidents and disruptive behaviors. Order the 7 Count Dog Bells and Belt today and enjoy the convenience and harmony it brings to your home and your relationship with your beloved dog.

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