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"Efficient Deep Cleaning: Qaestfy Shower Scrubber with Long Handle"

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The product you are describing is a household cleaning tool designed for bathroom cleaning, specifically for scrubbing bathtubs, tiles, and other surfaces. Here are the key features and specifications:

- Long Aluminum Rustless Handle: The cleaning tool comes with a 51'' long pole that allows you to reach high and low places without bending or kneeling. The handle is made of aluminum, which is rust-resistant and durable. It can be detached if needed, but it's not extendable.
- Triangular Scouring and Brush Head: The tool includes a sponge-like scouring pad head and a bristle brush head. The scouring pad is suitable for scrubbing soap stains on tubs and tiles, while the brush can clean tile grout and shower floors. The long-handled scrub brush is effective for cleaning shower bathtubs, glass, walls, and ceilings.
- 180 Degree Rotatable Head: The cleaning tool has a 180-degree rotatable head that can be locked in place at three different angles. This feature allows for convenient cleaning of high and low places as well as narrow spaces. The design prevents flipping over when scrubbing surfaces with higher friction, such as carpets.
- Detachable Pole for Handheld Use: Both the scouring pad head and the brush head are detachable, allowing you to use them as handheld brushes or scrubbers. The wand is 5.9'' long and can be used for cleaning toilet sinks and shower doors. Refills for replacement will be provided in the future. The non-rust handle ensures long-term cost-effectiveness.
- Satisfying Shopping Experience: The product comes with a lifetime services support and a 90-day guarantee from the date of purchase. The brand, Qaestfy, aims to provide high-quality products that satisfy customers' requirements in their daily cleaning tasks.

The package includes:
- Scouring pad x 1
- Brush head x 1
- Aluminum pole x 3

- Product name: Shower scrubber and cleaning brush combo
- Brand: Qaestfy
- Model: QAE002
- Material: Aluminum + PP
- Color: White + Grey
- Weight: 1.54lb or 700g
- Scouring head size: 7'' x 3.5'' x 0.78''
- Brush head size: 6.7'' x 3.3'' x 1.18''

This cleaning tool is designed to simplify bathroom cleaning tasks by providing a long handle, versatile brush heads, and a rotatable head for efficient and effective cleaning. It is suitable for various surfaces and can help you maintain a clean and hygienic bathroom environment.

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