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Energy Efficient Portable Ceramic Heater - SAA Approved, Black, for Office & Home

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The Bitzong portable heater offers a range of features to keep you warm and comfortable during the winter months. Here are the key features of this heater:

1. Quick Heating: The heater is designed to provide rapid heating, allowing you to quickly warm up your space and create a cozy environment.

2. Wide Angle Automatic Swing: The heater has a wide-angle automatic swing function, ensuring that heat is distributed evenly across the room, reaching every corner and maximizing its effectiveness.

3. Automatic Power Switch Off: To ensure safety, the heater is equipped with an automatic power switch-off feature. If the heater falls on its side, it will automatically shut off to prevent accidents or potential hazards.

4. Hot & Cold Air Mode: The Bitzong portable heater offers both hot and cold air modes, providing versatility for year-round use. You can switch to the cold air mode during warmer seasons for a refreshing breeze.

5. LED Power Indicator: The heater is equipped with an LED power indicator, allowing you to easily see if the heater is turned on or off at a glance.

Overall, the Bitzong portable heater combines functionality and energy efficiency to provide you with a warm and comfortable environment. It is suitable for use in both home and office settings and includes safety features for added peace of mind. Stay warm and stylish with this heater this winter!

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