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Mega Magic Set - 75+ Tricks for Kids with Step-by-Step Video Instructions

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The National Geographic Mega Magic Set is a comprehensive magic kit designed for kids to learn and perform over 75 magic tricks. Here are the key features and details of this product:

1. Classic Magic Kit Props: The set includes various classic magic props that are commonly used in famous magic tricks. These props include cups and balls, a false thumb tip, a ball and vase, an illusion box, a mysterious coin case, and a magic wand. Kids will learn the techniques behind these tricks.

2. Specialized Card Decks: The kit also provides two specialized magician's card decks. These decks allow kids to practice and perform a wide range of card tricks and are great tools for learning sleight of hand techniques.

3. Video Instructions: The kit contains a link to step-by-step video instructions. Each trick is performed by a professional magician in the videos. Kids will learn the secrets behind each trick and get performance tips from an experienced magician.

4. Multiple Trick Variations: Kids will not only learn the fundamentals of each trick but also more advanced variations. This allows them to expand their skills and put together a complete magic show with the tricks they have learned.

5. Satisfaction Guaranteed: The National Geographic brand ensures high-quality products that meet the highest standards. If customers' experience is anything less than extraordinary, the company is committed to making it right.

The product description emphasizes that the set is packed with more than 75 magic tricks for kids to perform. The tricks range from making objects disappear and reappear to performing optical illusions and sleight of hand card tricks. The kit includes detailed instructions, both in an illustrated instruction booklet and through online video tutorials provided by a professional magician. Kids will also learn about the science behind the tricks, optical illusions, misdirection, and more.

The National Geographic Society, known for its commitment to inspiring people to care about the planet, backs this product. The society is a nonprofit scientific and educational organization, renowned for its exceptional service and dedication to quality.

The National Geographic Mega Magic Kit offers a comprehensive and educational magic experience for kids, providing them with the tools and knowledge to perform a wide variety of tricks and create their own magic shows.

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