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Meshtek Kids Baseball Glove + Ball Sets - Left + Right Hand Throw Mitts - 9.5" Inch

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The Meshtek Series glove is specifically designed for small children and tee ball players, offering a lightweight and comfortable option for their first experiences with baseball. The glove features a lightweight technical mesh construction that makes it easy for young players to handle and use with ease.

One of the advantages of this glove is that it comes ready to play right out of the box. There is no break-in period required, as the ultra-flexible material allows for immediate use. This means that young players can start enjoying the game without any delays or discomfort.

Additionally, this set includes a child-friendly, soft foam baseball. The foam ball is safe and easy to catch, making it suitable for young players who are just learning the game. With the glove and ball set, children have everything they need to start practicing and playing catch.

The Meshtek Series glove and ball set is designed with young players in mind. The soft lightweight glove and foam ball ensure safety during play and make it easy for children of all ages to use. The glove is specifically designed to be worn on the left hand, catering to kids who throw with their right hands.

Overall, the Meshtek Series glove and ball set offers a fun and lightweight solution for young players. Its innovative mesh construction, no break-in time, and inclusion of a soft foam ball make it perfect for kids who are starting to learn and enjoy the game of baseball.

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