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Mini Electric Garlic Chopper 250Ml Wireless Portable Automatic Food Processor for Garlic Cutter Vegetable Fruit Onions

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  • 🥗【High-Quality Food Chopper】 Made of high-quality ABS, PC material, food-grade cup body, fitted with a 60W motor designed to drive 3 stainless steel reinforced blades, so that the food is more evenly chopped,strong and powerful for efficient cutting. Good product for mom, wife, professional chefs.
  • 🌶【Multifunction & Save Time】 The electric food chopper support chop spices and all kinds of vegetables and fruits. Chop up fruit for a healthy ice cream bar or jam, chop up vegetables for a green salad, and chop up various dressings to save cooking time. (Note : Please cut the ingredients into small pieces before chopping)
  • 🥔【Simple and Convenient】 250ml capacity, unique design, portable and compact,Economical and practical; Just put food or ingredients in the mini food processor by hand, lock the cover and start with one click to quickly shred food, automatically complete in 30 seconds, easy to use.
  • 🥕【Clean & Waterproof】 Full body waterproof design, you can easily separate the bowl and blades and flush them under the water tap. Has a silicone cover to prevent water from entering the charging port. Please note that the blades are sharp, so be careful when using or cleaning. Do not clean it in the dishwasher.
  • 🍹【USB Rechargeable & Portable】 The food processor equipped with USB charging that can be recharged in a variety of ways. Has 1500mAh power support, charging 3 hours, can be used more than 30 times, eliminating the trouble of frequent charging.Suitable for outdoor, RV, camping and kitchen use.

Product Description

As a compact and lightweight electric garlic chopper, this 8.5oz food chopper is perfect for small jobs, like chopping garlic, ginger, peppers, carrots, vegetables, onions, nuts and more. This portable mini chopper is very easy to carry on any backpack. It is also the gift for camping and travel enthusiasts, suitable for indoor and outdoor activities.

Various practices are waiting for you to explore

  • Fruits:

1. Cut up fruits to make jam 2. Cut up fruits to make fruit salad 3. Cut up fruits to make ice cream

  • Vegetables:

1. Chop the vegetables to make a vegetable salad 2. Chop the meat to make a meatloaf 3. Add the minced meat to the pasta

  • Spices:

1. Chop the garlic and sprinkle on the prawns 2. Chop the celery and sprinkle on the beef 3. Chop the chili and add the macaroni

  • Baby food supplement:

1. Chopped steamed potatoes into mashed potatoes 2. Chopped steamed pumpkins to make pumpkin paste 3. Steamed yam into mashed potatoes

Color: White/Pink/Green/Blue

Package Includes

  • 1 * Electric mini chopper
  • 1 * USB charging cable
  • 1 * Manual
  • Function: cutting garlic, onions, turmeric, nuts and minced meat, stirring, mixing

Product Specifications

Name: Electric mini chopper

Capacity: 8.5oz (250ML)

Size :96×96×120mm

Material: ABC, PC

Stirring blade: 304 stainless steel (3 blades)

Power: 60W

Running time:≤30S

Rated voltage: 5V

Rated input current: 1A

Battery capacity: 1500mAh

Battery voltage: 3.7V

  • Power: Type-C charging, the charging time is about 3 hours and can be used about 30 times.

  • One-Press Operation: Free your hand by pressing the power switch to chop.
  • Clean & Waterproof: Waterproof Design The whole body of the electric chopper is an all waterproof material. You can rinse it after use.
  • 250ml Bowl: PC material, food-grade cup body. Dual induction magnet, easier to install, and prevent misalignment.
  • Stirring Blade: 3 Blades 304 Stainless Steel, so that the food is more evenly chopped,strong and powerful for efficient cutting.
  • USB Rechargeable: The food processor equipped with Type-C charging that can be recharged in a variety of ways.

How to Use

  1. Put the blades in place
  2. Put the food in the container
  3. Fix the lid on properly
  4. Press the silicone switch to start the motor. Please keep pressing for 3 seconds after starting to make sure that the hardest part of the food is basically chopped. You can release your finger. The machine will continue to work automatically for 30 seconds and then stop. (If you want to stop working halfway, only You need to press the switch again. After 30 seconds, if the food is not delicate enough, continue to press the switch to cycle the previous operation for cooking)
  5. After completion, turn on the main unit, pour out the food in the cup, and then rinse it with water


1. Please charge the chopper before the first time use.

2. The max capacity of the electric chopper is 250ml, please do not overload.

3. Please cut the ingredients into small pieces before chopping.

4. Please make sure the magnetic lock has fit into the groove before start chopping.

5. The electric chopper is waterproof, but not dishwasher safe.

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