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Monster Trucks, Remote Control Car, Monster Truck Toy with All-Terrain Wheels, 1:15 Scale Unstoppable Tiger Shark RC

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The Hot Wheels Monster Trucks HW Unstoppable Tiger Shark R/C is a remote-control vehicle designed for epic battles and exciting stunts. Here are the key features of this toy:

1. HW Terrain Stomp Technology: The Tiger Shark R/C is equipped with HW Terrain Stomp Technology, allowing it to conquer various terrains like floors, rocks, grass, and more.

2. Oversized Tread Attack Tires: The vehicle features large, oversized Tread Attack Tires that enable it to "stomp" over surfaces and emulate the power and agility of a tiger on the prowl.

3. Detailed 1:15 Scale: This Tiger Shark R/C is highly detailed and comes in a 1:15 scale, providing a realistic and immersive experience.

4. Full-Function Remote Control: The vehicle can be fully controlled using the included remote control, allowing you to drive it forward, backward, and perform other actions.

5. USB Charging: The Tiger Shark R/C can be easily charged using the included USB charging cable, ensuring convenience and flexibility.

6. Speeds up to 6 Miles per Hour: With its powerful motor, the vehicle can reach speeds up to 6 miles per hour, adding to the excitement and thrill of playtime.

7. 2.4 Gigahertz Frequency: The Tiger Shark R/C operates on a 2.4 Gigahertz frequency, which allows it to be used alongside other R/C vehicles without interference. This means you can race or play with multiple vehicles simultaneously (additional vehicles sold separately).

8. Suitable for Kids 4 Years Old and Older: This toy is recommended for kids aged 4 years and older, making it a great gift option for R/C fans and Monster Truck enthusiasts.

The Hot Wheels Monster Trucks HW Unstoppable Tiger Shark R/C offers an exciting and immersive play experience, allowing kids to recreate their favorite Monster Truck action sequences from the show. Its durable design and all-terrain capabilities make it perfect for adventurous play and performing impressive stunts.

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