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Portable USB Rechargeable Desk Fan - Folding Mini Fan with 160° Tilt, 4500mAh Battery, Strong Wind, Ultra Quiet, 4 Speed Modes - Ideal for Office, Home, Camping (Pink)

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The product being described is the JISULIFE Small Desk Fan with the following features:

1. 160° Vertical Rotation: The desk fan can be adjusted up to 160° to provide angled airflow according to your preference. This allows for a better tactile experience with the fan.

2. Small Battery Operated: The desk fan is powered by a 4500mAh USB rechargeable battery (Lithium-Ion). It supports a long running time of 4-16 hours and can be fully charged within 3 hours.

3. 3 Speed & Natural Modes: The fan offers 3 speed modes and a special natural wind mode as the 4th speed. The natural wind mode gradually changes the speed between the 1st and 2nd speed, providing a comfortable and variable airflow.

4. Quiet & Powerful Airflow: The high-quality brushless motor of the fan ensures a quieter operation while still delivering powerful airflow. The fan operates at a low noise level, allowing you to enjoy a cool breeze without any distractions.

5. Portable & Multipurpose: The desk fan has a compact size of 144L*34W*204H mm, making it easy to carry anywhere. It can be used on a desk, hung on a wall, or held by hand. The fan is suitable for various settings such as home, office, bedroom, beach, camping, and more.

The product description highlights the fan's compact size, powerful performance, and versatile usage options. It also emphasizes the quiet operation, long battery life, and ease of use with one-button control.

The package includes the Small Desk Fan, USB C Cable, and User Manual. The fan is designed to be ultra-thin and utilizes high-quality components. It is built to provide a better experience and enhance daily life.

The specifications of the JISULIFE Ultra-Thin Table Fan include input voltage, power, maximum speed, battery type, battery capacity, charging time, running time, weight, and dimensions.

Please note that the information provided is based on the given description, and the actual product details may vary.

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