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Static Rock Climbing Rope: 10M-70M Length, Outdoor Climbing Equipment

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Both the first rope and the X XBEN multipurpose rope have their unique features and applications. Let's compare them based on the information provided:

First Rope:
- Low outer skin sliding rate: The outer skin of the rope has a low sliding rate, which results in smoother operation and better braking function.
- High quality: Made of 13 whole core rope, this rope offers moderate softness, strong binding ability, and increased durability due to its twisted outer skin.
- Professional design: The low ductility static rope reduces security risks caused by rope extension. It is lightweight, yet strong, making it easy to control and carry.
- Wide application: This rope can be used for various purposes such as escape, fire survival, climbing, hiking, camping, engineering protection, and more.
- Details: The rope has a diameter of 8mm, a maximum tensile force of 15 KN (3300 lbs), and a weight limit of 300 kg. It features hooks sewed at both ends.

X XBEN Multipurpose Rope:
- Suitable for rescue work, caving, hiking, rappelling, rock climbing, tree work, and more.
- Static rope: This rope is designed for situations where minimal stretching is desired, such as lowering an injured climber, ascending a rope, or hauling loads.
- Features: The rope has an 8mm diameter, is lightweight and compact. It uses heavy-duty stainless steel thimbles rigging for durability and safety. It has lower static elongation, indicating better efficiency.
- High quality: Made of 13 whole core rope, it offers moderate softness, strong binding ability, and wear resistance.
- Safety precautions: The product cautions against knots, damage, dirt, wetness, contact with sharp objects, high temperatures, and lending to others.

Both ropes have their advantages and can be suitable for different applications. It's important to consider your specific needs and requirements when choosing the appropriate rope for your intended use.

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