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Trekking Poles, Hiking Poles, Nordic Walking Poles, Collapsible Walking Stick, Trekking Poles Kids, Trekking Poles for Hiking

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  • INCREASE YOUR FOOT PRINT! Trek-Z Ergonomic Folding Walking Stick(set of 2) give you reason to increase the steps you take. Help Prevent knee injury, support extra weight, and walk comfortably with these hiking poles. Cork grip wicks away sweat from hands keeping them drier. Firmer grip in muddy areas with added mud stops. EVA foam shafts allow for a strong grip in extreme all terrain environments. Trek-Z poles are the perfect gift for outdoor hikers who enjoy light and compact gear!
  • ENGINEERED and BUILT TO LAST: Keeping your Adventurous nature in mind, we knew that No detail could be overlooked! Made with aircraft grade aluminum-crucial for hiking or backpacking in rough terrains and supporting heavier weights. The joints have been enhanced to be extra secure with added metal caps. Cork grip absorbs sweat out of your hands. Trek-Z nordic walking poles are meant to withstand pressure and impact far superior to carbon fiber poles. Pick up your map and start your adventure!
  • COMPACT DESIGN that is READY to GO WHEN YOU ARE: Trek-Z trekking poles collapse down to a portable 15 inches (38 cm), the walking stick folding tri-fold design. Fitting into backpack, luggage cases, or duffel bags for compact travel! The trekking poles for hiking seniors - No more cumbersome walking sticks! Trek-Z gives you the ability to build strength and muscle while you run errands. Let these unique poles go with you to all your outdoor leisure activities and adventures!
  • SIZING ... We've GOT YOU COVERED: The length of the pole can be adjusted quickly and easily using an innovative metal flip lock technology. Customize the height to your liking, and ensure it is secure with our metal stopper secure locking system. The height of the poles has adjustment range of 20cm from 110cm to 130cm that fits for men, women, teenager with height between 5'2'' (159cm) to 6'5'' (195cm). Each package comes in pair with holder bag.
  • LIGHTER THAN YOUR AVERAGE UMBRELLA: Each pole weighs only 11.5 ounces (330g) perfect as an all-day walking stick or for backpacking in high mountains or on your favorite ski trails, or even crossing the stream. The staffs are engineered with 100% air-space grade 7075 aluminum-same material used on aircraft and in marine environments, when strength and lighter weights are needed. Whether you are for fishing, hiking, these folding poles are the only trek poles you will ever need.

Product Description

Increase Your Foot Print with these Ultra-Portable, Lightweight Trekking Poles

Ultralight and Tri-Fold Trekking poles designed specifically for cost-conscious campers and backpackers!

The Trekology Trek-Z Trekking Poles Collapsible combine strong aluminum construction, soft wrist straps with moisture-resistant cork handles to create a comfortable all-day hiking experience. They are both stylish and sturdy, perfect for day hikes or longer treks. Trekking poles can reduce the impact to ankles and knees by as much as 30%. Whether hiking for a day or a week, this pair will help your endurance and balance.

Product Details

  • Sold in Pairs with holder bag.
  • Adjustable Wrist Strip allows you to easily grab the pole again in the right place after letting go of the pole.
  • Cork grips is a sustainable material that has mild shock-absorption properties. It not only offers a strong grip but also absorbs vibration and molds itself to your hands over time. It even resists moisture so it’s ideal for those with sweaty hands.
  • Strong and Durable Shaft - Made from 100% aerospace grade 7075 aluminum that is stronger and more durable than carbon fiber poles.
  • Adjustable height - easy to adjust with flip lock mechanism
  • Included suitable accessories for exploring various terrains.

Durable METAL FLIP Lock Mechanism

Our proprietary METAL FLIP LOCK mechanism is the only on the market. This enables fast adjustment of pole lengths without requiring strong grips, They are also more durable and long-lasting compared to plastic flip locks.


Easy to Use

  • Proprietary flat top lock mechanism: sets up the poles in seconds
  • Flip lock system: adjusts the height with a snap
  • Velcro loop: for compact storage when not in use

Ultra Compact and Super lightweight

  • Compact - Less than 15 inch (38cm) when folding. Easily to fit in your backpack or luggage!
  • Lightweight - Only 11.5 oz (327.5g) per pole, suitable for light and moderate hikes.

For optimum ergonomic use: adjust the pole's height so your arm is at roughly 90 degree and parallel to the ground.

Trekology TREK-Z CORK poles can be collapsed down to 15 inches (38 cm) to fit your backpack or suitcase. Length adjustment for your need, ranging from 43" to 51".

Pole Length Specifications

  • 38 cm (15 inches) - collapsed
  • 130 cm (51 inches) - fully extended

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